boxr 0.3.6 2021-01-19


Bug Fixes

boxr 0.3.5 2019-11-19


  • adds automatic-retry to authentication functions, box_auth() and box_auth_service(). (#131)

  • adds box_auth_service() to support OAuth2.0 using JWT, also adds box_dir_invite() to invite a collaboration on a Box folder. This makes it easier to authenticate to from remote computers (e.g. RStudio Cloud, RStudio Server) (#23)

  • modifies box_source(): adds ... argument to pass other arguments to source().

  • modifies box_write(), box_dl():

    • deprecates the filename argument in favor of file_name.
  • modifies box_auth() (#96):

    • deprecates write.Renv argument
    • copies text to the clipboard, rather than overwrite the .Renviron file
    • returns invisible(NULL) upon success
  • deprecates box_auth_on_attach() (#96)

  • adds a logo (#92, @nathancday)

  • converts pagination method from offset to marker-based paging (#79, @awong234)

  • adds option to return specified fields in box_ls() (#72, @awong234)

  • adds updated screen shots (pngs in images/) and description for creating a Box App with the new Box Developer Console UI. Also added reference for box_auth_on_attach in step 4 ‘And you’re done’. (#57, @nathancday)

Bug Fixes

  • box_pagination() refactored to employ marker-based paging instead of offset-based paging, avoiding a hard limit of 300,000 offset (#74, @awong234)

  • fixes bug in box_pagination() to enforce integer for offset (#71, @awong234) Deprecated, pagination now uses marker-based paging.

  • fixes bug in box_search_files() (#61, @j450h1)

boxr v0.3.4 2017-01-12


  • Thanks to Ian Lyttle (added to contributors), the number of entries returned by box_ls() now has an upper limit of 1,000, as opposed to 100

Bug Fixes

  • The boxr authorization URL grew a spare ‘/’ which caused it to 404, now removed (hat tip to Yvonne K. for reporting via email)

boxr v0.3.3 2016-08-16

Minor Improvements

  • box_push’s ignore.dots parameter now includes directories (65acef7)

  • Broader validation that users are correctly authenticated (47b16b5)

  • Minor improvements to S3 classes (9a64aa0)

  • More prominent troubleshooting section in README (8ccdaa5)

  • Updated author email address (a23acc0)

Big fixes

  • API changes had made the ordering in box_previous_versions unreliable (693f5a2)

boxr v0.3.2 2016-01-31

Minor Improvements

This release contains some minor changes for compatibility with httr v1.1.0 (boxr’s major dependency).

  • Some code to work around bugs in the previous versions of httr has been removed

  • Some minor tweaks for compatibility (mainly changes in reporting http status codes)

boxr v0.3.1 2016-01-04

New Features

  • box_search (and convenience functions box_search_files, box_search_folders, box_search_trash) allow use of’s superb searching facilities to find files and folders. Various parameters can be set to search filenames, file contents, and to limit searches to certain file types. Results are summarised by default, can be coerced via They can also be passed in place of a file_id to other boxr functions (e.g. box_dl) to perform an operation on the first result.

  • box_read_excel Finally support for everyone else’s favorite way to store data!

  • box_write A convenience function to convert R objects to common file types (e.g. .json, .csv, .tsv, .xlsx, etc.), and upload to box. Using the default write function (rio::export), the file type can be determined automatically from the filename provided.

  • box_add_description A simple way to add a description to a file on These are a useful way to describe the contents of a file, and can also be used like commit messages on GitHub, to describe recent changes made.

  • box_fresh_auth A convenience function for users having trouble authenticating – it will delete existing tokens (which are by default hidden files) for a fresh authentication process

  • S3 classes for files, folders, and object lists

  • Objects of class boxr_object_list can be passed directly to functions in place of a file_id string

  • Objects of class boxr_object_list now have an method


  • Example of usage with magrittr pipes is added to the README.

  • box file/folder id’s are now validated locally before requests are sent

  • Filenames are now validated locally, with helpful/informative error messages

  • box_read now accepts a user specified read function, which is now by default rio::import

  • box_read will now try and do the right thing for files without an extension by considering the MIME type of the API response

  • S3 classes and methods have been consolidated into three basic types, and functions now use them in a consistent manner. Now documented for those interested (?boxr_S3_classes)

  • Print methods: Prettier and more informative

  • box_getwd no longer logs an uninformative message

  • Documentation / collaboration improvements (improved function documentation, variable naming conventions (R/, and a code of conduct)

  • Improved tests

Bug Fixes

  • options(boxr.progress = TRUE) is now respected consistently

  • Fix for spurious warnings coming from the latest version of httr (see jeroenooms/curl#30 and hadley/httr#252)

  • Fix for weird reporting for certain valid API queries, which return exactly 0 results

boxr v0.2.9 2015-08-20

Note: Skipped a version increment for CRAN iterations

Bug Fixes

  • Namespace stuff for the latest Rbuild under Windows


Now up on CRAN:

r install.packages("boxr")

boxr v0.2.7 Unreleased

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed broken link for image assets in vignette

Minor Improvements

  • The default OAuth2.0 token cache is now ~/.boxr-oauth

boxr v0.2.6 2015-05-26

This release contains small changes to help new users get started (especially those who don’t get to see the GitHub README).

Minor Improvements

  • The package vignette (vignette("boxr")) is now more oriented towards getting new users up and running (fc931cd), providing much of the same information as at ?box_auth, but with screenshots and friendlier formatting

  • Upon loading boxr, users are now provided with the GitHub issues URL for bug reports. If it looks like the user hasn’t used boxr before (!file.exists("~/.boxr_oauth")), the code to generate the Getting Started vignette is presented (e18864d)

  • R help ‘homepage’: ?boxr now takes the user to a summary of the package, which links back to the Getting Started vignette (#31)

  • Continuous integration now covers Windows via appveyor (08925e5), and for useRs coming from GitHub, there’s a few more visual aids in the README to help them evaluate/grok the package (1c574c2, 593101d, 670487b)


boxr v0.2.6 is on CRAN, the following will do the trick:

r install.packages("boxr")

boxr v0.2.5 2015-04-15

Bug Fixes

Minor Changes

  • General CRAN policy stuff

  • Improved tests (f6cc01c, 55d6581)

boxr v0.2.0 Unreleased

New Features

  • Several new wrapper functions for box_read have been added (#25):

  • box_read_csv

  • box_read_tsv

  • box_read_json

  • box_previous_versions allows you to query previous versions of a file

  • box_dl can now download specific versions of a file, via either the version_no or version_id parameter (#21)

Minor Changes

boxr v0.1.2 Unreleased

Minor Changes

  • Tiny changes to make the package more amenable to CRAN (not there yet!)

boxr v0.1.0 Unreleased

Minor Improvements

  • Much more thorough documentation (#1, #3, #16)

  • box_dir_diff now has it’s own S3 class (#16)