Search Box files

  query = "",
  content_types = c("name", "description", "file_content", "comments", "tags"),
  type = NULL,
  file_extensions = NULL,
  ancestor_folder_ids = NULL,
  created_at_range = NULL,
  updated_at_range = NULL,
  size_range = NULL,
  trash = FALSE,
  owner_user_ids = NULL,
  max = 200

box_search_files(query, ...)

box_search_folders(query, ...)

box_search_trash(query, ...)



character, search term.


character, content to search; more than one can be supplied with a vector.


character, type of object to return; the default, NULL, returns all possible types ("file", "folder", or "weblink").


character, vector of strings containing the file extensions (without dots) by which to narrow your search.


numeric or character, if supplied, results are limited to one or more parent (ancestor) folders.


POSIXct (vector, length 2), range of created-at times.


POSIXct (vector, length 2), range of updated-at times.


numeric (vector, length 2), range of file sizes (bytes).


logical, indicates to search only the trash folder.


numeric or character, limits search to files owned by users with these IDs.


numeric, upper limit on the number of search results.


Other arguments passed to box_search().


Object with S3 class boxr_object_list.


The Box API supports a maximum of 200 results per request. If max > 200, then multiple requests will be sent to retrieve and combine 'paginated' results for you, behind the scenes.

See the search description for details of the features of the service. Some notable details:

  • Full-text searching is the default

    • available for many source code file types, but not R scripts.

    • by default Box seaches by word/token and uses the OR operation e.g. box_search("this that") is equivilant to box_search("this OR that")

  • Reserved words for boolean operations

    • AND, OR, and NOT (uppercase only) are interpreted as special context e.g. box_search("NOT this"), box_search("this AND that")

  • Exact phrases can be matched

    • by surrounding them with double quotation marks e.g. box_search('"this exact phrase"') or box_search("\"this exact phrase\"")

  • Searchability is not instantaneous

    • it can take >10 minutes for a newly uploaded file to become findable